About Us

Hello! We are Danelle and Hook, and as our name suggests, we are a couple of night owls. Yep, we do stay up pretty late into the night. Don’t be surprised if
we return your email at 1am on a week day. That’s pretty common around here!

Between the two of us, we’ve got most creative outlets covered. Photography, film/cinematography, retouching, graphic design, illustration, web development (php/css), music production/mixing. We’ve been creating together since 2011, and love collaborating!

When it comes to your wedding day…

Danelle; she’s the photographer. She’ll be the one with you on your wedding day, capturing all of those sweet little moments as they unfold. She’ll be a fly on the wall, but right there with a tissue or extra bobby-pin when you need one.

Hook; he edits. He’s a bit of a colour guru and stays behind the scenes. He keeps our work looking amazingly cohesive and makes those images pop!

We create images that capture who you are, your nearest and dearest celebrating with you, all the big and little moments, and everything in between. 

So. Tell us your story. We want to capture it!

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but cars, planes and boats now help us to take on jobs all over the place! When it comes to weddings, Danelle loves to get back to their homeland (New Zealand) a few times a year to capture some crazy cool weddings. Please get in touch no matter where Danelle may be at the time of your wedding – we’re keen to make any time and place work! Check out Danelle’s current travel schedule below….