About Us

A Couple Of Night Owls are Danelle and Hook. It’s our collaboration. Focused and directed towards our love of the creative.

Between us we bring together the combined skills and interests of photography, film/moving image, retouching, design, illustration, web development (php/css), music production/mixing, and even baking to provide a holistic approach in producing compelling content. We love beauty. Connection. The moments¬†in-between. Following our dreams and helping others realize theirs. If you see beauty all around and in the simple things of life, we would love to work with you and share that to the world. Oh, and Apple products. You will generally find us working late into the night on our twin 27″ iMacs that sit next to each other. Or on our 15″ MacBook Pros. Or our iPhones. Or our iPad. We are A Couple Of Night Owls. Here are a few words from each of us.


For me, it’s all about the details. I like things to match. Cohesiveness. Everything working together. Flow. You may say I have a little OCD. That’s got to be a good thing though, right? I guess that’s how my love for weddings, events and styling came about. I’m a big fan of a well-styled event. As a graphic designer and a wedding enthusiast, I found a new love; designing invitations and event stationery suites. There’s just something about holding that final design in your hands that you know is a perfect fit for your clients. It’s the same feeling I get when doing photography… knowing that we are part of something so special and are able to capture these amazing moments in time for others.

At the same time I also have a tendency of getting distracted. A bit of a short attention span. Thank goodness I have Hook to hone me back in. Keep me grounded. I’m in constant awe of how he can get so focussed on learning something and see it all the way through, so intently. I hope one day to have even just half the motivation, focus and skill that he has. I’m insanely lucky to be able to share both my professional and personal life with my best friend.



I’m pretty obsessive. With learning. Colour (pastels!). Simplicity. Sometimes it helps as it allows me to become extremely focused at what I do but I worry sometimes that I miss so much from that intensity. That’s where Danelle comes in. Without her I would be lost in my mind. My only regret is not working together professional much sooner as the things we create together are so much better than I could do alone, and there is nothing better than sharing the things you love to do with the person you love. Our first shoot together was the most fun I’ve had shooting, and I think it really shows in the photos. I’ve always felt the need to communicate with others. But words often fail me where music and the visual arts convey and elicit emotion as pure as a simple hug can. Which I also love. I’ve been pretty lucky in life to experience some amazing things. I travelled the world with family when I was young and saw many places. I’ve played in front of 10,000+ crowds while they chanted our band name. Received gold records for my producing/mixing work. But it’s funny how curling up in bed late at night watching your favourite tv shows with your favourite person means just as much.